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The FBC (and Supreme) Player Registration process is to formally link players to their teams and list them on the rosters for basketball tournaments. This process ensures that organizers have necessary information about participants, facilitates communication, and helps in planning and organizing final rosters and other basketball activities effectively. Please adhere to the steps below to register. Each year you must “refresh your account”. Your registration process must be completed by April 5, 2024. Thanks!

Step 1: FBC Strong Player REGISTRATION

Step 2: Communication Apps:

Connect with your Team’s GroupMe or Band Application via Personal Cell Phone.
(If you don’t have an invite link, please ask your Coach or contact FBC Admin.)

Step 3: NCAA Eligibility Center & BBCS Registration

To compete in NCAA sports, you need to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center. In order to compete on a Team roster during a live NCAA tournament, you must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center.

Returning Players: Each year you must ‘refresh your account”. Please log into your existing account and update all tabs/information in your NCAA BBCS ACCOUNT.

  • Forgot your login info? If you have questions about or need assistance logging into your NCAA Eligibility Center account, please contact NCAA Customer Service at 877-262-1492. IMPORTANT: DO NOT CREATE A 2nd ACCOUNT.

New Players: Visit the NCAA Eligibility Center website. Review the 3 account options. A few suggestions include for the most common options:

  • FREE PROFILE PAGE ACCOUNT: Players in middle school or earlier; deciding which NCAA division is right for you, registering to play at an NCAA-certified basketball event, not interested in paying fee at this time.
  • ACADEMIC AND AMATEURISM CERTIFICATION ACCOUNT: Players who will be future NCAA student-athletes/college-bound student-athletes; play at an NCAA Division I or II school, take an official campus visit. This account requires a one-time  registration fee. Suggestion to set the paid account (or upgrade account from Free Profile) with your High School Basketball Coach.

After the account is set up, please proceed to complete the NCAA BBCS ACCOUNT registration.

Connect with your Team’s GroupMe or Band Application via Personal Cell Phone. (If you don’t have an invite link, please ask your Coach or contact FBC Admin.)

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? Confirm your Team Jersey number, notify your Coach that your NCAA BBCS REGISTRATION PROCESS is complete and ask to be added to the Team’s NCAA Roster.

IMPORTANT: FBC recommends purchasing AAU athlete extended coverage for insurance provides valuable protection and benefits for amateur athletes, helping to safeguard their health, finances, and participation in basketball events. The Extended Coverage Membership program was developed to extend coverage for AAU members while they participate in events hosted by other sports entities (not the AAU).

Purchase Athlete Extended Coverage for Insurance – Approx. $30. FBC Club Code: W3C9B4

For more detailed information, please visit

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