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FBC Girls Basketball

"Our Program is a program that doesn't see age..." ~Coach Mo

“FBC Strong - Coming at you this summer!! Stay Ready!" ~Coach Mo

"When you are making a move to the rim, you should be getting crazy - not lazy!" ~Coach Mo

“The future is bright for FBC" ~Coach Mo

FBC Girls Basketball Club

Finest Basketball Club (FBC) is an organization dedicated to the development of student athletes under the age of 19 for National and International basketball competition through a rigorous athletic training program. The student athletes in our organization receive the highest quality training, which allows them to compete on a premier level.

FBC players receive a commitment from the FBC organization to provide an environment in which the athlete learns tools for the use on the basketball court, in addition tools that help them with life experiences.  The level of love and support amongst FBC players, parents, and coaches creates a great learning environment for the girls, families and staff. 


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FBC Basketball

Girls Exposure Basketball

(Southeast Region)

Director: Alfred Motton