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  • Question 1: What is EXPOSURE, AAU and YBOA?

    Exposure is the top competitive basketball tournaments played in front of NCAA college coaches. Players and Parents are evaluated at all times. Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) is a multi-sport organization, the AAU is dedicated exclusively to the promotion and development of amateur sports and physical fitness programs. Our AAU Club Code is W3C9B4. YBOA is dedicated to educate and motivate each member while encouraging teamwork, sportsmanship and fun through the spirit of basketball.

  • Question 2: What is the expected commitment of this type of basketball program?

    The commitment can be a big one, but also one that can bring many rewards for your daughters. This is not a “recreational” or “church” ball. The commitment also varies from team to team as some teams play more competitive schedules than others. If your daughter plays on a high-level team a high level of commitment is required. The commitment also involves a commitment from the parents with regards to time and funding. Time because parents have to be committed to getting their daughters to practices and games, and funding because the FBC is an all-volunteer organization and teams have to be supported financially in order to compete. Practices could be around the corner or an hour’s drive because much depends on availability facilities. Games/Tournaments are usually on the weekends. It is expected that a player will attend all the games and practices. The key always is to communicate with your daughter’s coaches about her schedule so they can plan accordingly.

  • Question 3: What about playing time?

    The amount of playing time a player receives will be based on their skill set, determination to work hard, the opponents, attendance at practice, and each Coach’s philosophy. There is no guarantee that everyone will play equally but we make an effort to get each player into each game.

  • Question 4: How many players are usually on each team?

    Team rosters are left to the discretion of each individual coach within the guidelines of the program. Most teams will have 10-12 players.

  • Question 5: Are teams organized by age group and how are ages determined and can my daughter play ‘up’?

    Teams are primarily determined by SKILL level, rather than grade & age. FBC encourages younger players to develop themselves so they can play up at the next grade level. For competitiveness, the whole team may choose to play up at the next level in tournaments. This increased level of competition helps in preparation for highly competitive tournaments.

  • Question 6: What grade levels does FBC have teams?

    FBC has teams in grade levels from 3rd through 11th grade. Grades 8th – 11th typically play on a National Exposure Basketball Tournament Circuit throughout the United States.

  • Question 7: What is the role of a parent within the FBC organization?

    A FBC parent will be expected to be encouraging to their athlete, encouraging to their daughter’s coach, non-confrontational to referees, and to work as a team with the other parents. It takes a lot of cooperation and goodwill to have a team run smoothly. There is a Code of Conduct for Parents and Players to sign in order to insure proper behavior.

  • Question 8: Who are the FBC coaches?

    All Volunteer Coaches have the ability to teach basketball at a highly competitive level and have the temperament to deal with referees, other coaches, parents and players. Our Head coaches have significant coaching experience and are masters in player development. All Coaches are certified via NCAA USA Basketball and completed a background check.

  • Question 9: Why So Many Trips / Tournaments?

    The reason for all the travel is for Exposure & Competition on a National Circuit. With the AAU Association-level tournaments and NCAA Certified tournaments, the players are participating in all the major tournaments that afford the best competition and exposure to high level competition and to the NCAA college coaches. The NCAA colleges can only watch during set times of the year (typically April, May & July). Tournaments and events outside this period are done to prepare the players and teams for those observation events. The process of exposure is critical for gaining a college scholarship. The more they can see and evaluate the player, the better opportunity to gain a scholarship. The competition enhances the player’s ability through constant high-level challenges in basketball. All these events help the player improve.

  • Question 10: What is the cost to join the organization? Will there be fundraisers to offset the expenses of the travel organization season?

    Our fees vary from team to team based on the number of tournaments they schedule, gym fees, cost of team gear etc. FBC Individual Team Fees can range from $650 – $1450. FBC has fundraisers planned to help offset costs associated with joining the organization / team.

Insurance Policy Information:

FBC (Finest Basketball Club) does have Player Insurance with the Amateur Athletic Union of the United States, Inc. (AAU). In order to obtain supplemental insurance, each player must register for their AAU Membership for the current year 2024. The cost is approximately $30. Please visit for more details. FBC Code: W3C9B4

Additional Questions? Please contact your FBC Team Coach or Club Director.

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As a basketball player on the FBC & Supreme Teams, you are expected to uphold the highest standards of sportsmanship, integrity, and commitment. Visit: Player Info. Parent & Player Portal.
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