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FBC North

We are Honored to be Invited into the FBC Family.
Real Athletics will continue to Fuel the FBC Machine from "The North".  We will continue to develop players to their FULLEST POTENTIAL.

As we enter into year 3 the FBC North Girls' program has seen great success since joining FBC at the end of Summer 2019. The Class of 2021 girls have been together since 6th grade - girls have come and gone over the years but this group has managed to remain one of the Top Five 2021 squads in the 5 State region. Going forward this is intent for all the Classes of Teams that we field at FBC North.

We are excited to be invited into the FBC Family with our girls program. Real Athletics has always been about development at a high level as well as creating opportunities for our players to continue playing basketball at the college level if they would like to pursue their dreams of playing collegiate hoops.  FBC is recognized as one of the top girls AAU programs in the nation, and has made a lot of national noise with their success. With this partnership we look to continue this success here in MN and the North, which will benefit the young ladies that we serve. To learn more about FBC and their mission please visit their mission here:

We will field teams in grades 3rd-11th each spring and summer. Our focus will continue to be skill development as well as leadership development.

Tylor Coley

Tylor Coley

FBC North GBB Club Director

Phone: 612-251-4815

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