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FBC X SUPREME 2024 Fundraiser (Option 1) - Double Good Popcorn Fundraiser

The FBC Club Fundraisers provide an opportunity to help pay your Registration Fee. Please read all details and prize information for the Popcorn (Thurs April 25 – Mon April 29) and Raffle Tickets (April – July 2024) fundraisers.

Double Good Popcorn Fundraiser Double Good App – FBC Code GNYCVB

FBC has set up a Double Good virtual fundraiser! The popcorn is ultra-premium, delicious, and award-winning and ships directly to your Buyer! It’s 100% contactless, and you earn 50% of the profit towards your FBC Registration fee. Any amount raised over your Team fee will go towards Team Building activities for the Club.

Our 4 day fundraising window begins on April 25, 2024, at 5:00 PM and goes until April 29, 2024, at 5:00 PM. Before the fundraiser begins: 1. Download the Double Good app 2. Enter our event code GNYCVB in the app 3. Create your Pop-Up Store with a goal of at least $500 or more. Please Note: You only have 4 days to sell, so text everyone and post during the fundraiser time window!

Examples with Registration Fee of $750 due

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